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Creatively Hand Customized for A wide variety of Adventures

All the Goggles made by Mondo are outfitted with a variety of widgets and what-nots for anyone’s individual taste. From Steampunk to Time Travel to Monster Hunting, These googles help you do you, no matter what you do.

If you don’t see a pair you like, Mondo is open to making something truly unique to you. Click the button to let him know what you have in mind.

About Mondo

Dale C. aka Mondo has been an artist for over twenty years, with having a broad range of talents and experiences from painting to puppetry. He has academic training in two fields, a BFA from Green Mountain College and a BS in Entertainment Design (Special Effects) from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Both have helped Dale grow as a well-rounded artist.

Having knowledge and experience in so many different aspects of art, Dale finds joy in being asked to imagine or create something that no one has ever seen before. He is a very visual person and takes inspiration from everything he sees. His imagination truly fuels all of his art, whether it’s sculpting a creature, painting an abstract landscape, or making a one-of-a-kind pair of goggles. He loves being able to find creative outlets in whatever he does.

Dale Capellanio will always be an artist; that’s who he is.  

Experience in Prop Creation

IMDb Special Effect Credits

Uniquely Creative Minded Individual

Other Stuff Mondo Does

Sculptures and Artworks created from Mondo’s Very unique world.

Outside of Mondo’s Goggles, there are many aspects of his creativity.

With Several IMDb credits to his name, Mondo’s work includes artworks, sculptures, and a depth of Special Effects. Here are a few of those works.

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Send Mondo an email with the form below. Believe it ot not the Mad Scientist does actually check his emails between his creations and expiriments.

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